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July 17, 2009
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See Tetl Run by Kaiseto See Tetl Run by Kaiseto
See Tetl run. Run Tetl run. Faster! They'll eat you if you don't hurry up!!!

Little animation I made for something.

Edit: Changed the hands slightly. Probably not noticable.
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elsamrodco Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
Ok, Kaiseto.

Thank you, for your sincerity.
elsamrodco Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Hi, Kaiseto:

I want to use Tetl for a 2d game, it an awesome game that will make your Tetl shine and people will love him. If this characters means so much for you you should allow people to give him life and a story, and that is what i want to do. 

I do not wanna sell the game and if you agree I will give you credit for it and a link so you can check that you got credit.

Please let me use him i really love this animation and that is why I want to give him a story

Thank you so much, and please reconsider your position about this matter. 

I promise, I will make him matter.

Thank you.
Kaiseto Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
I'm sorry, I won't budge on this one, and it's for your benefit as much as mine.

Consider this: There isn't a full animation set for this character. There is a run, and a jump, and an unfinished attack animation that never worked to my liking. With that, you might be able to create a very base platformer. More to the point, you would be lacking background assets, tilesets, and enemy assets that match the style. You would have to employ an artist to create those assets for you, or pull them from artwork donated by others. The latter approach would lead to a product that looks shoddy and patchwork. The former approach would be a waste of effort - you'd be having an artist attempt to duplicate a style laid out in this sprite, instead of letting them work to their strengths and having them produce consistent, high quality original artwork for you.

If you want to make a game with high quality art, please find an artist that can produce assets for you. Nothing looks worse than a game with inconsistent artwork. It's much healthier for a project to be worked on by people who can put their effort into actually producing the game you want to make, rather than trying to pull together bits and pieces of things other people made independently of each other.

Even if you somehow managed to get things in order to the point where you had all your art issues squared away, you would still be attempting to craft a game around a character that a friend and I came up with. Unlike most of the one-off artwork I posted, which I placed under Creative Commons, so emotional energy went into coming up with a world and a personality for that character. You won't be making me happy by using the character for something unrelated, and since nobody else has an attachment to the character, you won't gain anything by using him over an original character.

So sorry, the answer is no.
NikoCreed Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Can i use this for a game?
Kaiseto Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Sorry, no. This one holds a place too close to my heart.

Also, more pragmatically, you'd only have one animation. Which wasn't properly finished. It looks like I never put the fixed version on DA... Nevertheless, you'd be stuck with a single character animation that wouldn't fit the art style of the rest of your game and it would be a mess. You should look for an artist that can contribute a proper body of work instead. You'll have more freedom to design your content that way, as well as a more coherent and appealing art style.
XEBES Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Tetl looks pretty awesome! I'd love to see this character in three dimensions. Very impressive work!
Fly-Shot Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010
does Tetl have special powers or what? i'm interested to hear the story with this guy.
Kaiseto Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010
No special powers, to speak of. I'm really not talking about the game too terribly much (aside from occasional updates as to my meager progress creating artwork for it), and probably won't be talking about it too much until we actually have something to show for our work.
letterbomber-223 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2009
The standing frame is so heroic - looking haha.
TenchuNoTakai Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009
Amazing. How many frames is that?
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